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We Remember Belle: A Tale of Healing and Resilience

Belle, our beloved OTT mare, graced our lives for several years after being rescued from a kill lot. In her early 20s, she faced numerous health challenges, including Cushings and ulcers, which caused her to decline physically and emotionally. We were determined to find a solution that would improve her well-being and quality of life.


After extensive research and consultation with multiple veterinarians, we discovered the remarkable benefits of Smart Earth Camelina Oil. With their support, we decided to incorporate this natural oil into Belle's daily regimen. Little did we know the transformative impact it would have, not only on Belle but also on other members of our animal family.


In just 30 days, Belle showed remarkable improvements that left us in awe. Her once irritable demeanor was replaced with a calm and contented spirit. The effects of the Camelina Oil were so significant that Belle's overall appearance improved dramatically, surpassing the five years she spent with us. Each day, she eagerly awaited her special treat of Smart Earth Camelina Oil, a testament to the joy it brought her.


But Belle's story doesn't end here. We also witnessed the transformative power of this oil on our other animals. Marshall, our worried German Shepard, now licks his bowl clean and enjoys newfound tranquility. His coat has become soft and beautiful, with minimal shedding. Even our senior diabetic cat experienced positive changes, gaining weight and exuding vitality without the need for pharmaceutical interventions.


While Belle's physical presence may no longer grace our rescue ranch, her spirit and the memory of her remarkable journey live on. We remember her strength, her resilience, and the impact she had on our lives. Belle will forever remain a cherished member of our rescue family.


In honor of Belle and her legacy, we continue to advocate for the well-being of all animals. We pay tribute to her by sharing her story and the role Smart Earth Camelina Oil played in her healing. It is with gratitude and reverence that we remember Belle's journey and the miraculous effects this oil brought to our beloved rescue family.


Thank you, Smart Earth Camelina Oil, for being an instrument of healing and transformation. Your impact on our lives and the lives of our cherished animals will forever be treasured.


belle before.webp


DAY 30

belle after 30 -3.webp


DAY 30



DAY 30

They love to lick the Smart Earth Camelina Oil buckets clean! 

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